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Dal Shorba€ 4.00

Nutritious yellow lentil soup flavoured with aromatic spices fused with a dash of fresh Lime juice.

Rasam € 4.00

An age old recipe from the South Indian kitchens with of tangy Tamarind, tarty Tomatoes with a spice hit from Rasam powder served as a
heart-warming stew.

Mulligatawny Soup € 5.00

Hailing from the colonial British Raj in India “Milagu thanneer – Pepper water” is a mispronounced South Indian scented Lamb stew simmered to perfection with a highly zesty flavour.

Lamb Shorba € 5.00

A spicy soup with a burst of flavours clinging to Bone-in-lamb pieces, perfectly simmered for hours with onion, herbs, ginger and garlic.

Murg Shorba € 5.00

A traditonal desi style mellow, warming spiced Chicken broth with a lingering taste and soothing flavour. Elevate your palate with this authentic fragrant Chicken soup garnished with fresh coriander.

Tamatar Shorba € 4.00

Silky creamy Tomato broth tempered with handpicked fragrant Indian spices and finished with a generous sprinkle of crushed peppercorns to arouse your taste buds and kick off a cozy meal.


Pani Puri€ 5.5

A crunch and a gulp and it is downed in seconds.
Crispy semolina balls stuffed with Potato, Onion, Peas, Coriander chutney drenched in sour and spicy mint flavored water easily fills one’s mouth and takes taste buds on a journey to heaven.

Dahi Sev Puri € 5.5

Crisp shells topped with Potatoes, tangy Chutneys and chilled fresh Yogurt sprinkled with Chikpeas Vermicellies.

Papdi Chaat €5.5

Crispy flour crackers called Papdis tenderly covered with Chickpeas, Onion with chilled fresh Yogurt. Crunchy, spicy and sweet all at the same time.

Basket Chaat € 6.5

Basket chaat is a deep fried basket of shredded potatoes stuffed with Potatoes, Yogurt, Tamarind chutney and various spices. It is garnished with Sev and fresh Pomegranate arils.

Fruit Chaat € 5.5

The world’s healthiest fruit salad got the Indian make-over with chaat masala. This street delight is amazingly fresh, light and healthy.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji € 6.5

Finger-licking Potato-Peas curry(Bhaji) with special spices partnered with soft buttered Bread Loaf Pav(Portuguese word for bread ) a delicious street food from Mumbai with an unforgettable taste.

Kadhi Kachori € 5.5

From the royal Rajasthani cuisine, Lentil filled crispy balls served in rich sour Yoghurt gravy(Khadi) tampered with fresh curry leaves.

Dilli Style Dahi Bhalla € 6.5

From the hearts of the Indian capital Delhi, a mouth melting savoury snack made with soft & fluffy fried Lentil Fritters topped with sweet Yogurt and Chaat Masala served with tangy chutneys.

Vodka Pani Puri € 6.5

This fusion food happily marries the culinary delights of two cultures. The spices of the Panipuri doubled with the rush of vodka makes for a great treat when you are fed up of eating the same food.

Samosa Chaat € 6.00

A tasty affair of tangy and spicy Chickpeas loaded into crunchy crispy triangular pastry called Samosa. A much loved food all over India.

Kachori Chaat € 5.5

From the royal Rajasthani cuisine, crispy semi-flat balls richly filled with Lentil and Indian spices, served with different types of chutneys and fresh sweet Yogurt.

Aaloo Tikkie Chaat € 5.5

Appetizing Potato patties dressed up in chilled Yogurt, crunchy Onions for a wholesome snack.

Amritsari Chole Bhature € 10.0

Deep fried fermented sweet and sour Indian Bread paired up with a tempting Chickpea Curry right from the streets of Amritsar, is the most popular North Indian street food. It is served with Mint chutney and ring Onions.

Jaipuri Tawa Pulao € 6.5

Long-grain Basmati rice tossed with vegetables and spiced on an open hot griddle with a refreshing taste and smell of Lemon.

Kathi Rolls

Chilli Paneer € 6.5

Juicy tender Cottage Cheese cubes rustled up with Bell peppers, onions and wrapped in a crisp Indian Bread(Naan) with fresh green chutney.

Seekh Kebab € 8.0

From the Royal Nawab cuisine of Lucknow, we bring melt in mouth Kebabs furled up in crispy flat Indian bread(Naan) to make an appealing appetizer.

Soya Chaap € 6.5

Why should only Non-vegetarians have all the fun? A vegetarian alternative to the amazing Kathi rolls. Minced Soy chunks which has the same texture as meat gently rolled in cripsy flat bread(Naan), is treat for vegetarians.

Chicken Tikka € 6.5

World reknowned Indian Chicken Tikka gets clad and rolled up in crispy flat Indian bread(Naan) to entice your taste buds. A very satisfying and filling dish.

Special Lamb €8.0

Richly spiced minced Lamb packed into a roll with crispy Indian bread(Naan) is a sensational Indian Frankie. Along with a fresh chutney made up of Green chilly, Mint and Coriander, the rolls are perfect to kick off your meal.

Small Bites

Veg Amritsari Samosa€ 5.0

From the historic lanes of Amritsar, cone-shaped crusty pastry filled with Potatoes and mixed Vegatables is an incredible dish for an appetizing start. An absolute favourite of many Indian veggie lovers is served with tamarind and mint chutneys.

Chicken 65 € 8.0

Chicken 65 is an ultimate fried Chicken dish for Chicken lovers out there. This dish is India’s answer to the world famous KFC. It was once and still is a bestseller for decades in India, originated from South India. Back in the day, army men ordered Chicken 65 by the number on the Menu as they couldn’t read the local language. It is a blockbuster dish in India. Chicken 65 is served with Home-made Schezwan chutney.

Chicken Hotwings € 8.0

Indicious special smoking grilled hot Chicken wings served with sizzled green Veggies. Fresh made mint and Yoghurt dressing is a perfect dip for the wings.

Crispy Chicken Pakora€ 6.0

Golden fried Chicken bites with a spice punch to please all your senses is a most loved street-style snack in India. The awesome dish is a perfect partner for your beer.

Indicious Pakora Mix € 6.0

Indicious special delight – a mouth-wateringly great combo of Veg and Non-Veg Fritters served with chutneys

Chicken Samosa € 6.0

Tender minced Chicken cooked to perfection and filled in fried flaky cone-like crust is an ultimate starter snack. In every bite you feel a subtle taste of Onions and light Indian spices. It is served with Tamarind and mint Chutney.

Chilli Chicken € 8.0

An Indo-Chinese semi-gravy entrée with marinated chicken cubes sauteed with onions and bell peppers, coated in a glazy sauce to work up your appetite.

King Prawn Butterfly€ 8.0

A visually appetizing one-bite sea food snack that looks adorable like a butterfly. Lightly spiced crispy King Prawns fry is a mind blowing appetizer and treat for your eyes and mouth.

Mix Veg Pakora€ 5.0

Super-crunchy and yummy Mixed-Vegetable Fritters served with fresh mint and yoghurt chutney.

Crispy Fried Chicken € 8.0

A lip-smacking Chicken dish where the Chicken is marinated with Buttermilk and coated with special mix of herbs and spices overnight. The savoury treat is cripsy on the outside and tender on the inside.


Chicken Seekh Kabab€ 16.5

Absolutely lip-smacking Kababs made with minced Chicken and a fusion of spices to satiate your Tandoor cravings.

Afghani Malai Murg Kabab – Chicken € 16.5

Indulge in a rich affair with dellicate Chicken cubes marinated with Cashews and Almond paste and wet rubbed with Yogurt, warm spices and fresh herbs baked into kababs in a traditional Indian charcoal oven. This mouth melting dish is a super star of our menu.

Murg Galauti Kabab – Chicken € 4.0

Bringing in the authentic flavours of Awadhi cuisine of the Nawabs, we present you perfect disc-shaped melt-in mouth Lucknow style Awadhi Chicken Kababs cooked in Tandoor are treats for your taste-buds.

Murg Tandoori – Chicken€ 4.0

The number one best selling Indian Tandoori dish which is popular because of its charcoal smoky aroma. Tender chicken pieces are marinated in Yoghurt with generous amount of spices to give a trademark red colour to the Chicken.

Lamb Tikka€ 4.0

Lemon freshness , Capsicum, Onion ( skewered togather ) , Punjabi cuisine Lamb Tikka is a classic Indian Tandoori reciper comprising cubes of boneless lamb marinated in Indina spices and yoghurt. Lamb tikka will do lamb meat much justice modernizing todays take on lamb as well as highlighting the bold umami flavours that makes the lamb so speacial.

Lamb Seekh Kabab € 4.0

Well marinated juicy minced lamb skewers flavourfully mixed in warm spices, fresh mint and coriander to work up your appetite. It is served with mint and yoghurt dressing.

Pomfret Tandoori – Fish € 4.0

An immensely popular gourmet dish from the Coastal regions of India. As a seafood delight, fresh whole Pomfret is marinated and cooked in Tandoor until deliciously crisp and served with ring onions and fresh lemon and mint/yogurt chutney.

Malai Paneer Tikka – Veg € 4.0

Mouth watering fluffy Cottage Cheese cubes soaked up in Cream, Cashew nuts and Cheese and grilled to perfection in clay oven. Visually pleasing with colourful bell peppers adding a smoky flavour to the dish. A perfect starter for veggie lovers.

Veg Seekh Kabab € 4.0

Delicous cylindrical Kabab skewers made with healthy mixed vegetables like Potatoes, Carrots and Peas served with fresh Green Chutney. It is a thoughtful adaption of the famous Seekh Kabab exclusively for the veggie lovers.

Naan€ 4.0

Soft and fluffy fermented Indian flat bread traditionally cooked in Tandoor. Partners fantastically with any Indian style curry.

Garlic Naan€ 4.0

Chewy Garlic flavoured Indian flat bread brushed up with melted butter and loaded with chopped Garlic baked aromatically in the Clay oven. It is a must try for garlic lovers out there.

Chilli Cheese Naan€ 4.0

Finely chopped Chillies and grated Cheese stuffed in Indian bread, cooked in charred flavour of Indian Tandoori oven.

Murg Kalmi Kabab – Chicken € 16.5

A classical Mughalai Chicken dish cooked in the Indian Tandoor with Yogurt and exotic spices.

Murg Patta Kabab – Chicken€ 4.0

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Murg Reshmi Kabab – Chicken€ 4.0

Tenderised boneless Chicken pieces grilled in the clay oven until silky(Reshmi) soft with unique spices and herbs. The creamy white Chicken dish melts like snow in your mouth.

Lamb Chops Tandoori€ 4.0

Sizzling herb crusted Lamb chops are typical bone in meet chops cut from the shoulder or rib, bursting with rich Indian flavours.

Lamb Galauti Kabab€ 4.0

A melt-in-the-mouth delicacy orginally made for the toothless Nawab of Lucknow. Galauti Kabab is an alternative to the popular Lamb Kabab. It needs no chewing yet cooked with the same complex spices with a balance of rich flavours. A dish to difficult to master but amazingly easy to savour.

King Prawn Tandoori – Fish€ 4.0

A super-delicious starter everyone would crave for. King Prawns bathed in aromatic spices are fed into the clay oven and roasted until golden crisps to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Fish Tikka€ 4.0

Covered in heavenly flavours, soft boneless Fish fillets are barbequed in Tandoor to leave you want for more. With a dash of lemon the juicy fish skewers are served with fresh green chutney.

Paneer Tikka – Veg€ 4.0

Tandoor-grilled Cottage cheese cubes marinated with Yogurt and traditional spices with a smokey flavour. IT is very popular and an amazing finger food.

Indicious Royal Mix Grill – Veg€ 4.0

A signature Tandoori platter from the House of Indicious presented with our special delicacies for you to sample.

Butter Naan€ 4.0

Bubbly, pillowy soft fermented Indian flat bread topped with creamy butter baked in Tandoor.

Peshawari Naan€ 4.0

Indian flat bread richly stuffed with grated coconut, raisins and nuts making a nutritious meal. Peshawari Naan originated from Punjab has a slight sweetness to it.

Keema Naan€ 4.0

Utterly delicious Indian bread packed with tenderly cooked minced meat and spice mixture.

Amritsari Kulcha Naan€ 4.0

Tasty soft-leavened bread originated from Amritsar, Punjab with mashed Potatoes and Onions as stuffing.


Malai Kofta € 16.5

Little deep fried dumplings of Cottage Cheese served in creamy curry sauce.

Shahi Paneer € 16.5

Richer creamier and mildly spicy gravy made with Yogurt and Onions prepared with Cottage Cheese cubes as the main ingredient.

Paneer Tikka Masala € 4.0

Little Cottage Cheese cubes marinated fried and dunked in silky and creamy curry seasoned with a spice punch.

Paneer Lababdar € 4.0

A spicy authentic Punjabi curry made with Onions and Tomatoes and velvety soft Indian Cottage Cheese cubes.

Mushroom Paneer Jalfrezi
€ 4.0

An Indian style stir-fry of spongy Indian Cottage Cheese blocks along with refreshing button Mushrooms topped with herbs and spices.

Mutter Paneer€ 4.0

A conventional gravy with fresh Cottage Cheese Cubes and Green Peas cooked until soft, also seasoned with ground spices.

Aloo-Soyabean € 4.0

Miildy spiced-up boiled Potato cubes and Soybean chunks to make a delicious savoury curry to warm up your mood.

Baigan Bharta€ 4.0

Roasted and mashed Eggplants seasoned with aromatics, Indian herbs and spices for an amazing main course accompaniment.

Dal Bukhara€ 4.0

Black whole Lentils patiently simmered and seasoned with Paprika, Ginger and Garlic. A wholesome gravy to delight your senses.

Jhinga Malai Curry€ 4.0

A flavourful Prawn Curry with soothing flavours of Yogurt, Coconut Milk, Ginger and Garlic.

Jhinga Balti€ 4.0

A tempting dish slow-cooked in tradional Indian wok called Balti with juicy Prawns and Indian spice based curry.

Country Style Jhinga Curry€ 4.0

Fresh Prawns cooked in coconut milk with Curry leaves is a special dish from the country-side of peninsular India.

Macchi Kabab(Foral)€ 4.0

Irresistably hot and savoury Fish patty Kababs spiced with aromatics and special herbs.

Goa Style Fish Curry€ 4.0

Marinated Fish fillets fragrantly cooked in Coconut and tamarind paste in traditonal Goan style.

Country Style Fish Curry € 4.0

Tasty Fish pieces gently poached in spicy Coconut curry with a dash of spices and herbs just like they do in villages of coastal India.

Lamb Lasani € 4.0

Delicious spicy Lamb curry made with Garlic, Ginger, Tomatoes and Pepper to give it an intense and bold flavour.

Methi Lamb € 4.0

Boneless Lamb pieces gently cooked with Fenugreek leaves that have highly pleasant fragnance to form a yummy curry.

Ran-e-Sikandar € 4.0

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Lamb Kalia€ 4.0

Delicious lamb chunks dunked in rich and creamy curry made with Yogurt and fresh cream.

Lamb Kolhapuri€ 4.0

A spicy finger-licking Lamb curry prepared with fresh ground Sesame seeds, Poppy seeds and grated Coconut, once cooked for the Royals of Kohlapur, Maharashtra.

Lamb Vindaloo€ 4.0

A classical Goan Curry in which lamb is cooked until moist and tender in a gravy seasoned with toasted Indian spices.

Lamb Madras€ 4.0

Lamb Madras Curry is a spicy affair of roasted South Indian spices and marinated Lamb pieces cooked perfectly in a delightful curry sauce.

Rajashani Laal Maas € 4.0

This royal Rajasthan delicacy is an iconic dish where lamb meat is cooked with hot and fiery smoked Mathania Red Chillies, and traditional Rajasthani spices.

Murg Makhni € 4.0

The world famous Butter Chicken dish cooked in a smooth sauce of fresh Butter and Cream with tenderized chicken pieces in it.

Murg Kashmiri € 4.0

A refreshing Curry native to Kashmir with Chicken pieces cooked with authentic spices like Cardomom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Black peppercorns and Cashew nut paste.

Murg Lasani€ 4.0

Intensely flavourful Curry with tender Chicken pieces dunked in gravy based with Garlic, Tomatoes and Pepper.

Afghani Murg€ 4.0

Super-creamy gravy which is prepared with soft Chicken chunks in loads of fresh Cream, Cashew paste and Butter. It is a proud addition from the Afghan cuisine.

Murg Ghee Roast€ 4.0

Clearly an ultimate comfort food, with roots in Mangalore, this Chicken dish is cooked with South Indian spices roasted in dollops of Ghee(clarified Butter).

Murg Balti€ 4.0

A wonderfully fragrant Chicken dish with thick Tomato based sauce and tangy Yogurt flavours.

Murg Madras€ 4.0

A hot and spicy South-Indian speciality with an amazing blend of red Chillies and Curry powders.

Country Style Murg Curry€ 4.0

Fantastically bold and rich flavours of freshly ground whole spices tossed up with Chicken cubes and simmered to perfection in a thick Tomato based curry.

Paneer Makhni € 16.5

A classical Punjabi curry with Cottage Cheese cubes in creamy Tomato gravy with loads of butter. Pairs awesomely with Naan vareities.

Paneer Sandwich Curry€ 4.0

Shallow fried Indian Cottage Cheese slices stuffed with rich nuts like Cashews, Raisins and carefully simmered in creamy Onion-Tomato gravy.

Methi Mutter Malai€ 4.0

A typical Indian lightly-spiced white gravy cooked with fresh Cream, Green Peas, and Fenugreek leaves to a smooth, rich texture..

Kadhai Paneer€ 4.0

Spice-coated Indian Cottage cheese blocks tossed in a deep fry pan with Onions, Bell peppers and Fresh Herbs.

Palak Paneer€ 4.0

A healthy and nutritious North Indian delicacy where Cottage Cheese blocks are cooked in subtley spiced Spinach gravy.

Mushroom Masala€ 4.0

A comforting rich curry based out of Tomatoes and Onions broiled with fresh Button Mushrooms and aromatics.

Soya Chaap Curry€ 4.0

Curried spongy Soy chunks intensely cooked with Indian spices, Onions and Tomatoes. A vegtarian dish that goes well with Rice and Indian Breads.

Bhindi Jalfrezi€ 4.0

Slit colourful Bell Peppers rustled up with Lady finger pieces and tossed in a fry pan to make an awesome Indian style stir-fry.

Amritsari Pindi Chole€ 4.0

An aromatic must-try Chickpea curry cooked with spices and black salt very popular in Amritsar, Punjab.

Jhinga Bhuna€ 4.0

Sizzling poached Prawn in tangy Tomato curry with an amazing aroma. Perfect to pair with Naans and Rice.

Jhinga Jalfrezi€ 4.0

A quick stir-fry of fresh caught Prawns with Onions and Bell peppers to satisfy your curry cravings.

Tawa Masala (Silver Pomfret)€ 4.0

Exquisite spices and curry coated Silver Pomfret fish fried on griddle and served with a wedge of lime.

Macchi Malvani € 4.0

An exceptional Fish fry from the western coast of the Indian Peninsula, bathed in Malvani Spice Powder which is a mixture of exotic Indian spices from the Malvani region.

Tawa Fish Fry€ 4.0

Tender Fish fillets cooked on an open-air griddle with warm spices until a crunchy top layer and soft delicious inner flesh.

Lamb Kadhai€ 4.0

Spicy Lamb curry stewed in an Indian hot pot called Kadai, with flavourful spices and garnished with Coriander leaves.

Lamb Adraki€ 4.0

Soft and tender Mutton cubes curried in fresh Ginger based sauce finished in a semi-gravy texture.

Lamb Rezala € 4.0

Native to Bengal, a rich and delicious Lamb curry made with Aromatic spices, Onions, Ginger to satisfy your curry cravng.

Lamb Hariyali € 4.0

A perfect blend of aromatics, fresh herbs, mint and Coriander prepared with Bone in Lamb pieces in traditional Punjabi style.

Lamb Dil Bahar € 4.0

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Kolkata Style Lamb Kosha (Lamb with bones) € 4.0

Soft chunks of Lamb flavoured with a blend of curry powders in a velvety dark brown gravy authentic to Kolkata will make you fall in love with the dish.

Lamb Rara€ 4.0

Lamb pieces gently cooked with whole Aromatic Spices simmered in Tomato and Onion paste. This is an ultimate spicy gravy from the Indian cuisine.

Country Style Lamb Curry€ 4.0

A typical village style Lamb curry based on a delicious gravy prepared with sauteed in diced Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic and Ginger. The dish has easily an unforgettable taste.

Indicious Special Goat Meat (Mutton) Curry€ 4.0

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Murg Tikka Masala€ 4.0

Delicate small Chicken pieces cooked tenderly in spices and luxurious cashew nut paste as an aromatic special dish. This dish has an absolute finger-licking taste.

Murg Malabar€ 4.0

The dish is influenced by the Malabar region of India, which is prepared with tender Chicken pieces coated with Coconut milk and Curry leaves, that make your heart beat faster.

Murg Adraki€ 4.0

In an interesting turn, juicy Chicken pieces are pickled with Garlic and other spices to make a delicious sauce.

Murg Do-Pyaza€ 4.0

Tasty and juicy Chicken pieces simmered in thick Onion paste along with Tomatoes and served with fresh Coriander topped on.

Murg Reshmi Kofta € 4.0

Silky soft Chicken meatballs dunked in smooth Indian gravy made seasoned with a perfect spice blend.

Kolkata Style Murg Kosha (Chicken with bones)€ 4.0

Tradional Bengali style Chicken Kosha Curry in which Chicken meat is tempered with aromatic spice powders.

Murg Kolhapuri€ 4.0

Yummy and tangy Chicken curry with toasted ground spices and Coconut paste in delicious Chicken gravy, from the spicy Kohlapuri cuisine.

Murg Vindaloo€ 4.0

A fiery red super-hot Chicken Curry is influenced by the Goan cuisine. The gravy is prepared by adding Ginger, Garlic, Tamarind and whole spices with Paprika powder.


Veg Thali€ 4.0

An amazing assortment of truly Indian dishes in a Thali(Plate) from starters to desserts which include Rice, Indian Flat Bread, Popodams(Indian Rice crisps) etc.

Indiciuos Royal Tandoori menu € 4.0

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Delhi’s North Indian Thali € 4.0

A balanced platter of delicious dishes starting from Soup, Starters, Main course and a tasty dessert for a great culinary experience.

Bengali Thali € 4.0

A fulfilling meal consisting of special delicacies from the region of Bengal. Starters, Veggies, Flat Bread, Rice, Gravy and to finish off with a nice Bengali dessert.

Bombay Menu€ 4.0

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Delhi’s North Indian Thali € 4.0

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Rice & Biryani

Chicken Dum Biryani € 4.0

This is a super-star dish from the Royal Mughal cuisine, with golden-hued fragrant Basmati rice balanced with juicy Chicken lumps and majestic spices.

Anda Biryani € 16.5

A wonderful savoury meal cooked with fragrant Basmati rice, finger-licking spice mix and hard boiled eggs in it.

Indicious Mix Biryani€ 4.0

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Lamb Dum Biryani € 4.0

A mouth-watering feast fit for royals cooked with fragrant Basmati rice and lamb meat in a whole load of aromatic spices.

Jhinga Biryani€ 4.0

This perfect main course meal is a festive delicacy with soft-cooked fragrant Basmati rice and spiced up juicy tender Prawn fish with loads of Indian aromatics.

Saffron Ghee Rice€ 4.0

A fancy and aromatic main course prepared with long grain fragrant Basmatic Rice tossed with clarified butter and Saffron and served with chopped Almonds and Cashews as garnish.


Rabdi Gulab Jamun € 4.0

Gulab means Rose and Jamoon means Blackberry in Hindi. Delicate heavenly small balls made of milk solids coated with Sugar Syrup and Rabdi which is a thick aromatic milk dessert with saffron in it.

Purple Gajar Halwa(Seasonal) € 4.0

Melt in mouth purple Carrot based sweet milk pudding garnished with chopped Almonds, Cashews and topped with Ghee(melted butter).

Kesar Kheer € 4.0

Super-yummy Saffron Milk pudding made from soft cooked rice in a creamy texture. It has been a part of ancient Indian diet.

Kulfi Faluda€ 4.0

A perfect frozen dessert to end a meal. A layered milkshake with Kulfi(traditional ice cream), Basil seeds, and little Vermicilli noodles chilled and served with chopped Pistachios, Almonds and Cashews.

Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice-Cream € 4.0

Mouth watering dried milk dough balls dipped in aromatic cardomom flavoured sugar syrup paired up with a scoop of Vanilla ic-cream is an awesome festive dessert.

Bengali Mishti Doi€ 4.0

Mishti Doi is an unforgettable dessert from Bengal. It is sweetened Yogurt stirred up in reduced Milk with caramelized Sugar.

Kulfilicious ( Mix Kulfi’s)€ 4.0

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Rabdi Faluda€ 4.0

A tempting cold dessert made with Rabdi(thick sweetened milk) and layered with Rose syrup, Basil seeds, Vermicilli and chopped nuts.


Sweet/Salted Lassi€ 4.0

Treat your tastebuds to an amazingly delicious Indian Yogurt smoothie either sweetened or salted, lightly seasoned with cardomom.

Fresh Lime Soda € 4.0

Freshly squeezed Lime with a punch of soda is a fantastic sparkling drink with natural coolers for your body.

Sweet/Salted Nimbu Pani€ 4.0

The super-delicious Indian version of Lemonade, garnished with Mint leaves and crushed ice. Nimbu Pani is served either sweet or salted according to your choice.

Apple Juice€ 4.0

A cold beverage that is extremely healthy and hydrating juiced from fresh and delicious Apples.

Filter Coffee€ 4.0

Super-fresh ground Coffee brewed in a traditional filter with a mind-blowing aroma is Filter Coffee in a nutshell. It is very popular in South India.

Mango Lassi € 4.0

Fresh Mango pulp, Sugar, Cardomom and Yogurt are blended to make this typical refreshing Indian Mango Lassi.

Fresh Lime Soda€ 4.0

Freshly squeezed Lime with a punch of soda is a fantastic sparkling drink with natural coolers for your body.

Orange Juice€ 4.0

A refreshing drink made from freshly squeezed Oranges, nutritious to the core.

Masala Chai€ 4.0

A steaming cup of ginger infused milk Tea brewed with whole Indian spices. A perfect warm drink to de-stress your day.

Indicious is the Heart-Warming Indian fine Dinning destination offering carefully selected cuisines from all over India


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Indicious is the Heart-Warming Indian fine Dinning destination offering carefully selected cuisines from all over India


Tuesday to Thursday
17.00 - 22.00 hrs

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
16.00 - 22.30 hrs

Monday Closed!


Herenhof 283, 2402 DL
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